Locking Dance History

Locking was created by a man by the name of Don Campbell (Don Campbellock). The style emerged as a result of Don's difficulty performing some of the popular dance moves of the time. He would tend to lock up or freeze while he attempted to dance these moves.

Others noticed that he kept on 'locking up' and pointed it out, even asking him to do it.

These locks became the basis of the dance style today known as locking or lockin'. Initially these locks and a few other moves such as points formed most of what locking was in its early days.

Later on Don and Toni Basil would form the groundbreaking street dance group 'The Lockers'. This group comprised of Don, Toni Basil, Shabba Doo, Slim The Robot, Fluky Luke and Greg Campbellock Jnr. Each of these dancers had an individual style and particular moves that they liked to do.

The members of this dance group and other prominent lockers such as Tony GoGo, Skeeter Rabbit and Scoo B Doo helped to contribute many steps that most people would now associate with lockin'.

You are encouraged to learn more about the history of the dance as you take up locking for yourself.

Good sources of information include www.thelockersdance.com and lockerlegends.net